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Urine Creatinine Test Strips
Quality urine test kits , test urine creatinine, micro albumin URS-2MAC with FDA,CE,ISO certification
Glucose PH Protein Ketone Blood Urine Analysis Test Kit
Diagnostic dipstick urine medical equipment URS-5K,urine test strip 5 parameters,Free samples,OEM packages are offered,Customize different panel urine strips,color chart and out packaging based on customer's needs.
Urine Specific Gravity Scale Strips
urine dipstick URS-4SG, for glucose, pH, specific gravity, protein uric test strips.Free samples,OEM packages are offered.
Urine Glucose Protein Test Strip 2 Parameter
The Urinalysis Reagent Strips URS-2P provide the fast and accurate tests for the following parameters: Glucose and Protein in human urine.
Urine Glucose Test Strips
Diabetes analysis dipstick URS-1G,glucose visual test strip can be used at home with FDA,CE,ISO certification.We can produce 1~14 parameters urine strip ,depending on customers' actural request.
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